The Truth Project
The Truth Project

Core Activities

Truth Groups:  We lead Truth Groups which support men in prison, facilitate personal growth, and help build the trust and context for Truth Weekend Intensives.
Truth Weekend Intensives: We organize Truth Weekend Intensives which offer men in prison opportunities for deep personal growth and to develop skills for emotional awareness and self-mastery.
Truth Training: We train volunteers and assist the development of skills which facilitate the personal growth opportunities offered by these volunteers in Truth Groups and Truth Weekend Intensives.
Truth Groups and Weekend Intensives support prisoner re-entry
   - by inviting men to take personal responsibility for their growth, 
   - by modeling openness and the lifestyle rooted in personal growth, emotional                      maturity, and self mastery,
   - by helping men to develop the skills to participate and inviting them to join men's              support groups in the community.


Together, we empower men to share their truth and restore community.




Trust and


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